About St Thomas

pic01St. Thomas, to whose revered memory St. Thomas Inter College, Shahganj, Jaunpur,is dedicated to was one of the twelve chosen disciples of Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Historical evidences and Centuries old living traditions credit him with bringing Christianity to India.

He landed at Crangrnore (Kodungalloor), then a thriving Part in the Malabar coast of Kerala in the year 52 A.D. to propagate this new religion. Touched by his simple and saintly life and his teachings that called for a creation of class-less and humane society, many a native people of different castes and religious traditions embraced Christianity.

St. Thomas is said to have established Seven Christian Churches and communities in the Malabar-coast Tradition has it that he preached Christianity in the Coramandal-coast too where he attained martyrdom probably 0n 3rd July 72 A.D. at the hands of a religious fanatic on a mount close to Meliapur (Mylapore) in Chennai that bears his name today.

St. Thomas is said to have preached for a while at Gandhar and Taxila in the Panjab region of north India as well, a claim yet to be proved historically. The Catholic Church honours him as the apostle of India.